Survey shows recoveriescorp client engagement has strengthened over the past year

Recoveriescorp’s client engagement at both the operational and relationship level has strengthened over the past year, according to a recent Voice of the Customer survey conducted by an independent market research group.

Recoveriescorp’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has risen from +48.5 in June 2014 to +52.5 in June 2015, placing recoveriescorp in the top trusted partner quartile of the research group’s benchmarking database. It should be noted that the average B2B NPS is -10.

The majority of clients were Promoters of the company. They praised recoveriescorp for the relationship skills of the senior account teams, saying we are open, honest and transparent, and are supported by strong analytics and reporting.

The survey comprised interviews with 45 clients from government, insurance and commercial sectors, and included their feedback on service delivery, understanding business needs, relationships, organisational alignment, partnering, marketing and innovation and future value. We very much appreciate the compliments and always take on board any area of suggested improvement.

Highlights included:

  • For the majority of clients, recoveriescorp offers the best customer service of all their recoveries providers
  • Senior personnel have a very strong understanding of their clients’ businesses, as well as market leading industry knowledge
  • Personnel display a high degree of integrity and openness in client interactions
  • Clients place a high degree of importance on managing reputational risk, on recoveriescorp’s own culture and values and on organisational alignment
  • More than half the clients are in the Trusted Partner quadrant, rating recoveriescorp very highly in terms of operational excellence.

Recoveriescorp would like to sincerely thank all clients who participated in the survey, both for their time and for their input in assisting us to improve our services.